What is Acupuncture?

Acupuncture has been practiced for thousands of years and is a minimally invasive approach to treating pain and a variety of health issues. Acupuncture treats the body as a whole, not just by treating the presenting condition by adding a “band aid.” Inserting very fine, sterile disposable needles superficially into specific points of the body can activate the vital life force, known as “qi,” pronounced “chi.” These points help the qi to encourage the body’s own innate healing abilities and help restore balance. Illness is said to be the consequence of an imbalance in qi.

Benefits of Acupuncture

  • Reduced Headaches & Migraines
  • Reduced Pain
  • Manage Anxiety
  • Reduced Stress
  • Restore Hormonal Imbalances (Perimenopause, Menstrual Conditions)
  • Better Sleep
  • More Energy

  • Frequently Asked Questions

    1. Does acupuncture have any side effects?
    2. Are the acupuncture needles safe?
    3. What does acupuncture feel like?
    4. What can I expect after an acupuncture treatment?
    5. What is Dry Needling and how is it different from acupuncture?
    6. How big are acupuncture needles?

    Kara Poyntz

    Registered Acupuncturist

    Kara has graduated with honours with a diploma in Acupuncture from Pacific Rim College in 2020. Kara also holds a General Arts Diploma from Camosun College. Kara is a life-long resident of Vancouver Island, primarily residing in the Langford/Colwood regions. She is a proud military wife, that has been through two Naval deployments, so she understands the challenges and hardships they may bring.



    Acupuncture is also effective in cosmetic treatments.

    Acupuncture needles encourage the free flow of energy that regulate the function of organs and meridians, by doing so we can also enhance the circulation in the skin. Micro-damage caused by the acupuncture needles can manipulate collagen in the skin and cause cell regeneration in which the body will start to heal itself!



    Initial Treatment (55 minutes)      $125

    Subsequent Treatment (45 minutes)   $100


    Initial Treatment (55 minutes)      $135

    Subsequent Treatment (45 minutes)     $110

    *Offering 15 minute consultations for free.
    *We offer direct billing for most insurance providers, ICBC, Veteran's Affairs (VA), Department of National Defence (DND), and RCMP.


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